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    Malware Bytes Blocking Outbound Connections from Chrome Randomly?

    Hi all! So, I'm having this weird issue where, completely randomly, a Malware Bytes popup will come up in the bottom right of my screen and tell me an outbound connection originating from Chrome has been blocked. The urls vary from "", to "", and even...
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    Very persistent Virus won't go even after Scan!

    In normal mode Virus was not letting Norton Security scan so used RKill and Malware Bytes and Esett whose sections turn black I mean the way you see in confidential Files. So I switched to Safe Mode this time around Norton Security scanned and removed some 6 infections so I felt better and...
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    Secure Preferences Data

    So when I scan with Bitedefender and HitmanPro everything is clear, but when I scan with Malware Bytes then there is always a PUA (Probaly Unwanted Application ) and this data is located in C:\Users\MyName\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default/ Secure Preferences... I always delete it...