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  1. Andrew_PDK

    Question Wich portable speaker to choose.

    I'm going to buy a good portable speaker but I don't have enough ideas which one to choose. The best for me is Marshall Kilburn II, Harman/Kardon Go Play, JBL Boombox. I often leave the city and for me is really important the quality and max. volume of the speaker. I have been listening both...
  2. N

    How does it stack up to modern systems?

    I have a very old component system namely the jvc ca-mxs4bk system. I have considered buying a new system, however, my current system plays fairly good so i would like to know if anyone have had experience with this particular system (or the ca-mxs2) and if they can tell me how it would stack...
  3. CherlynnLow

    Marshall Wants to Rock You with Music Smartphone

    Marshall's new London is an Android smartphone that is serious about music. Marshall Wants to Rock You with Music Smartphone : Read more