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  1. L

    BSOD cant determine whats wrong

    I have been getting a bsod error for quite some time and don't know how to solve it. here is the link to the dump files. Any help is welcomed. http://
  2. M

    Need help! Blue screen

    laptop model: HP Pavilion 17-e054sg problem: blue screening couple times/day here's a dump files, maybe you know what to do with them :P Help please!
  3. Kobe Eveleigh

    4 year old laptop, how will I know if/when it's about to die?

    Current laptop is a Toshiba Qosmio with a 2.67ghz i5(the original i5?), 330m. Windows 7 I have had this laptop since March 2011. Planning to upgrade to a gaming desktop ideally during Black Friday or Boxing Day. However I think I'm starting to notice troubling signs that might mean my laptop...
  4. A

    Blue screen memory crash help??!!

    I have a Toshiba Satellite c660. have recently replaced the HDD. am now getting blue screen memory dump crash. what do I do???
  5. S

    Behringer DDX3216 flash memory

    Hello, I have a DDX3218 and the flash memory is damaged by bad flashing :-( Anybody have a memory dump, ready to burn into the flash RAM, using an extern burner?? Thanks in Advance...