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  1. B

    Solved! ID3 auto tagging for unknown audio files

    I have quite a lot of audio files without any metadata. For mp3 albums for me is best mp3tag or tag&rename. They unfortutately doesn't work with these mp3s. Is there anything to add id3 to unknown files or to your own compilations? Winamp, who is already out, was quite good for that at the time...
  2. uTukan

    MP3 skips to last few parts of audiobook, then comes back up to where it should've been?

    The audiobook is split up to 44 parts, it goes 1-9 without a problem, and after 9th it skips to 41st and goes over to 44th, then comes back up to 10th and then it goes fine all the way to 40th. I thought that maybe the part numbers are messed up in the "metadata" (don't know how exactly is it...
  3. T

    Software to preserve photos, and how to store them?

    I have several thousand photos on actual photo paper, various sizes and color/b&w. Some go back to the 1940s. I have the ability to scan and potentially fix them up (color correction, scratch removal, etc) but am puzzled on a good long-term solution for accessing them after that. Is there an...
  4. nguyenm

    Highest possible audio format with metadata.

    Hi toms, I am currently using a .wav and .aiff as raw audio format to store/rip my CDs, i ripped at as 16-bit/44.1kHz. As i know that these two format does not has a metadata segment so i was force to use iTunes as a means of organizing music. Recently i switch from an iPhone 4 to a Nokia...
  5. L

    Authenticated users group

    Hello, I'm trying to use windows Authenticated users to access an application metadata. I have added the goup to a network share which is metadata location, user can access to the share, but could not logon to the application. But I have an Active director group has the same access as the...
  6. CLGardner923

    Wer international metadata

    Hello, will just deleting the file and restarting the pc fix the problem?
  7. T

    Digital Audio Files: How do you organize?

    Ok, I admit it. My music collection is a mess! Even with CDDB and ID3 tags, a lack of attention to detail and putting off tidying up my metadata has led to GBs of barely manageable music files. So how do you organize your files? Do you use your computer's file management system to create a...