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  1. BlackCastle

    Question Microlab TMN1 4:1 FR port problem

    I have a microlab tmn1 4:1 which I bought in 2011. For the past couple of days, I'm noticing something off. The subwoofer has 4 port. FR, FL, SR & SL. I use only 2 speakers since my computer table isn't that big. So the issue is with the FR port. Suppose 2 speakers are connected in FR & FL. The...
  2. aca94sss

    Amplifier barely produces bass signals after a lightning

    Hey guys! People who understand electronics should try to answer this, thanks. I've got 5.1 system hooked to a pc with AUX, Microlab A-6662. After a lightning that struck close to my house, I've noticed that my amplifier barely giving bass signals to a subwoofer (subwoofer itself is totally...
  3. S

    which headphone is better?

    i want to buy a good headphone for my PC. It will be only for gaming for my PC. Please advice me which headphone should i buy Logitech UE 3600 or Microlab K-320 or Dragon War G-HS-003 Revan? links are given below: Logitech UE 3600...
  4. J

    MicroLab SOLO 9C - Suddenly stopped working? *HELP REQUIRED*

    I own a pair of SOLO 9C's (a 2.0 active stereo floorstanding speakers with a built in AMP) I woke up during the night to a sleight humming sound coming from the left (passive speaker). I reached around the back and ensured the speaker wire (w/ B-clips) was securely fitted. When pulling them...
  5. C

    Best 2.1 speakers for £50?

    Was thinking of getting some Microlab FC 360 speakers. Seem pretty good for the money. http://www.scan.co.uk/products/microlab-fc360-21-speaker-system-15w-x-2-24w-separate-amp Anything that's better for a similar price?