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    How to disable 1 Ram Slot

    Hello, I've Hp Laptop which came with 12 GB RAM [ 4GB Micron 2133MHz & 8GB Samsung 2133MHz ] recently I've been facing BSODs, I run a memory test and it displays the message "Hardware problems were detected. To identify and repair this problems,you will need to contact the computer...
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    looking for ram alternative

    ok folks, I am looking for a RAM replacement for my laptop. The laptop is pavilion g7-211 8nr. It has a stick of DDR3 4g it was made by micron.. The problem being is that micron don't make that particular stick anymore. I would like to find something that would work with my what I have? this...
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    Micron And Nanya Sign Agreement To Create Memory Joint Venture

    More here at
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    China Introduces Tax Incentive For Sub 0.25-micron Fabrication

    The China government has recently introduced a new tax incentive program for sub 0. China Introduces Tax Incentive For Sub 0.25-micron Fabrication : Read more
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    Micron laptop

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Is anyone out there familiar with the Micron Technologies TransPort XKE notebook? Is there someone who had one and still has the books and disks that came with it? I just acquired one and sure could use some help with it. Thanks.