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  1. K

    How do I make downloaded files go directly to SD card and clear phone storage - Blu R1 HD

    I have 16GB memory card in my phone still play store says that there is not enough space when I am about to download an app. I have turned my external SD card into internal storage by formatting it. However, even though it is basically empty and I have moved the few apps that could go on it...
  2. R

    hi, i connected my redmi note 3 to my pc. accidentally i deleted a folder from the mobile thru pc. how do i recover it?

    Hai, I connected my Redmi Note 3 to my pc (windows 7). While using, I accidentally deleted a folder from the mobile storage through my pc. How would I recover it?
  3. Terriss99

    UHD Blu-ray/Xbox one question

    Some recent movies that I have been looking forward to purchasing have been released (among other formats) on 4K UHD Blu-ray. After a cursory google search, I've found that these discs cannot be played on non-UHD Blu-ray players (at least most of them; some people claim they can play them...
  4. C

    What smartphone to buy?

    First of all I didn't knew where to put this thread, so if i misslead someone sorry, admins please put thread where it should be. Okay now, this is my real question. What smartphone should I buy, Xiaomi Mi4, Redmi Note 2 or Redmi Note 3 ? I was looking a lot reviews on a lot forums and I want...
  5. D

    Storage Problem on Samsung Galaxy S5 mini

    Hello I tried to download Heartstone on my Smartphone. I had enough storage to download the file but not to install it (apperantly). I can't seem to find where the file is located but it does use 650 mb of space. I also wanted to ask if i can take the sd card as the default download location.
  6. R

    Recovering Deleted Snaps

    Hi, does anybody know how to recover deleted snaps on snapchat? Thanks!
  7. T

    LG500 cell At&t -transfer texts to PC needed urgent

    Screen is still visible. Phone works, storage is intact but the pressure sensitive screen buttons are failing. I emailed text messages to my email but only a few lines of each text message transferred to the email. I thought it worked but lost half of messages! How can I retrieve important...
  8. Y

    from mobile to sd card

    Hello All my applications stand on my mobile storage. Now is my question how i can move the apps from my mobile to my sdhc card whats sitting in my phone? Can any one help me out?
  9. S

    how to move photos from mobile storage to memory card on s3 help

    how to move photos from mobile storage to memory card on s3 help