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    toshiba sattelite proplem

    pls guys help me i have toshiba satteliet m100-221 my proplem with wifi not turned on and im sure its not broken and i try to do all your answers bot not wark pls gaive me new way to turn it on(i have win 7)
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    Can't Decide on Laptop

    Asus Vivo Book X w/touch screen and Asus 15.6" laptop w/Intel Core i5-3230M processor, 6GB/740 GB are both about $549. I want to create content - movies, photos, art. Which would be better?
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    hp pavilion m6 1102-tx

    can any one pls give me some detailed suggestion about this lap "hp pavilion m6 1102-tx" is it better for some mid range gaming???
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    Samsung netbook not booting only power light on.....but fan and hdd are running...

    i hv a samsung n140 plus .. win 8.. its battery is completely down so i hv to use it plugged to the power... as everytime i put the moniter down (connected to the the power ) then i took out the power n put it in my bag (did nt shut down) then i tried to on it next day.. it doesnt on.. no...
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    PC gaming help

    Hello, I'm a Mac. But I am seriously considering migrating to Windows in the next year or two and am just gathering some intel on brands. I'm thinking about making the switch, but absolutely love OSX in general. It's simple and easy. Windows 8 is very appealing however. I debate the switch...