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    Onkyo HT-S7700(refurbished) or Monoprice 5.1 10565 with some Denon Receiver?

    I am new to setting up my first budget home theater and I have $400-$450 budget. But through some deal I am getting the Onkyo HT7700 HTIB for $500 with 1 Yr warranty fro Onkyo which is about a little high. On the other hand I am also getting Monoprice 10565 Home Theater (New) for $180 and if I...
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    Headphone Amp+DAC vs Onboard Op-Amp?

    I just got this Amp_Dac for my DT990 250ohm headphones: It is a remodeled Fiio E09K + it has a DAC in it, so it is quality made and is suppossedly 15-600ohm I also see "Output Power" on the specs of the...