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    Question Laptop won't switch to battery power

    I have an Inspiron 7568. I recently had a water spill accident on the keyboard. The laptop immediately switched off. I then took out the back panel and removed the battery, hard disk, etc, and let the laptop air dry for a day. After that, the laptop turned on again and worked normally except for...
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    problems finding a replacement for an MSI GT72 Mosfet

    Hello all ! i have an MSI GT72 6QE that stopped turning on, i took it to a tech guy who found the problem with a dead Mosfet but can't find a replacement, so i thought about looking for it online, here's a picture of the dead mosfet ...
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    Lenovo Y50-70 No power

    Hi there, So my laptop just suddenly died one day. I am getting now power at all no LEDs or anything. I opened it up to find that one of the power mosfets was getting really hot when I plugged in the power supply so i figured it was bust. I replaced this mosfet but the new one is also getting...
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    Sony Vaio SVE1111

    I have Sony Vaio SVE1111.Board model mbx-272 It is not working. Wont start. Any solution? Which capacitor, mosfet or etc. I must change or????
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    Matrix brand amplifiers

    Archived from groups: (More info?) A colleague of mine has a Matrix UKPower 1300 MOSFET amplifier which is behaving a little strangely. We can't find any information about Matrix on the web and the manual has been lost so can't find any contact information. So I was wondering...