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  1. kaidiat

    Question Mousepad ribbon cable replacemant

    Hello, i have to replace my broken mousepad ribbon cable on my Asus G751JY. I don't want to buy those pricey ones that are said to be explicitly made for this Laptop. Can I just buy a cheap OEM one, if the width, length, number of pins and the faces of the pin ends(cable lying flat on table ->...
  2. L

    Help! My lenovo thinkpad fell and some options dont work

    My laptop just fell on its side and it damaged my sound buttons. I can see what the problem is, the buttons are croocked so they constantly press. The folume is at 100 and i can not turn it down, even not with the mute button. I also can't see my mouse on the screen, i think there is something...
  3. B

    Asus cursor error

    I'm using a ASUS laptop with windows 7. The cursor won't work without the mouse (USB) attached to the laptop. My laptop would only detect the mouse pad on the main log in screen. that is, when I log into my account my mouse would perfectly work . It is only when I am logged into my windows...