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    Solved! Everything is dark yellow with HDR enabled on PC.

    I really could use some help getting HDR working on Potplayer(or any player). I'm using windows 10 anniversary 1607(not creators update) and I'm using a sharp LC-437n00u UHDTV as my monitor through hdmi 2.0 connected to a gtx 1080ti. Here is some pictures of what is happening to me. This is...
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    All Media Players Crash When Playing Any Video Files?

    So for the past month or so I've had the issue of all my media players crashing when playing videos. Initially I thought it to be my video driver, however a update revealed that was not the problem. I thought it was a specific set of videos I was playing, but playing other videos and videos off...
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    Request for Help from People with a Laptop with 3317u/3337u/4200u

    Alright, so I have a request for someone with a laptop that has either a 3317u, a 3337u, or a 4200u, and a resolution of 1366x768. I am soon going to be buying a laptop, as my current one is dead. I have a question about the capabilities of this processor and it's integrated graphics. I know...