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  1. D

    msi afterburner showing abnormal behavior

    msi afterburner showing abnormal behavior please check the link below.
  2. T

    AMD HD 7600M Series Overclocking

    I have an HP Pavilion g6 Laptop with: i5-3210m HD7600M 8 GB ram After I searched the internet,I had a result that my hd 7600m series is equivalent to hd 7670m, but with 2 GB of vram. Then I wanted to overclock my gpu but When I use MSI afterburner, it shows that my core and memory clocks are...
  3. B

    MSI Afterburner stops working after a while

    Ok I've been using MSI Afterburner for in game monitoring and some recording and for some reason after maybe a 20min to a half hour or so, it would all of the sudden stop working and would get a error window that says program has stopped working, check online for solution or close program. My...
  4. ganon11000

    How to get MSI AfterBurner's icon to ALWAYS appear on the Notification area at boot

    Hello, Today I will be showing you how to fix the bug that means MSI Afterburner doesn't always open on boot. The cause of the issue (or at least what I think is the cause): The task MSI Afterburner creates when you select "Start With Windows" is [location of MSI...
  5. M

    MSI Afterburner On Screen Display Help

    Hello Everyone, I recently downloaded MSI Afterburner and came into a couple of problems: 1. How do I change the color of the on screen display? When on the monitoring tab under settings I change the color to what I want and click ok, but when in game the color is always purple how do I change...