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  1. A

    MSI Running Unusual

    So i recently just bought a MSI WorkStation Series WS63 7RK-290US Mobile Workstation Intel Core i7 7th Gen 7700HQ (2.80 GHz) 32 GB Memory 2 TB HDD 512 GB SSD NVIDIA Quadro P3000. And i have been having unusual problem when running basic programs or even internet browsing. When i try to scroll...
  2. ilovechem

    MSIGP6020D Vs MSI GE4020L

    Hi guys i would like your help to choose from these two laptops for they are 50% sale in my country. First is MSI GP60 20D] Intel Core i7 - 4700MQ Nvidia GeForce GT740M 2GB DDR3 15.6" FHD Display 4GB Memory 1TB HDD 6 Cell Battery Here is the link: Second is MSI GE40...