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    how to use super pi to observe single threading, multithreading and multiprocessing?

    I wants to implement SuperPi 1.5 by using the Process Explorer Utility and determine that it uses single threading, multithreading or multiprocessing?
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    Which one of these cheap notebooks is better?

    I'm basically buying a notebook to use for internet and for school so I was looking for a cheap one which can still be considered a good notebook. I need something which can multithreading well and doesn't lag and I'm not gonna play games so much. Which one of these two notebook seems better to...
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    Light-gaming / Light-weight multitasking ultrabook

    Hi all, I'm on the market for an Ultrabook for work/school/home use. Battery life, CPU power and weight are important factors in my decision. 1. What is your budget? $800-$1,400 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 13.3" or less 3. What screen resolution do you...
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    Components of parallel processing

    Hello, i m doing a project in c# that i have a problem in converting html files to pdf file...i have used multithreading for conversion and reduced the time of conversion from 4 hrs 15 mins to 1 hr 35mins ....but still i need reduction in time of conversion...i would like to do it...