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    phillips go gear muse question/problem help please

    i have a phillips go gear muse this exact one, the power button has been broken the power button is similar to the ipod touches, the button just got stiff and wouldn't move so i took it out and started using a pin to turn it back on, is there...
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    Adobe's Muse Software to Make HTML5 Authoring Easy

    Adobe is making the jump to HTML5 and hopes that Muse will be for HTML5 what Dreamweaver has been for HTML4. Adobe's Muse Software to Make HTML5 Authoring Easy : Read more
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    Stereophile class A

    Hello, I am planning on purchasing as pair of speakers to go with my Muse Model 18 subwoofer. I have to keep it under $2000.00. I have Adcom GFA565 mono amplifiers and a Adcom Model 565 preamp. I will be using a Thorens turntable, Model TD160 as my source.
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    Carver TFM Amp problems

    Hello: I recently serviced a cerver TSM-15CB amp due to one cahnnel blown. And, all electrytic caps replaced with Nichicon muse. Also, replaced 4 film caps with Illinois PHC polyprop. type caps. Now, I get moderate crosstalk into 1 channel, ie with the balance from a preamp turned fully left...
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    TVs with built-in MUSE decoding?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I came across an old Pioneer press release from 1999 for then-new Plasma display, model PDP-502HD (see it here: According to the specs, this unit had a built-in MUSE decoder. I guess this is a...
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    Muse Hi-Vision Movies

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I'm looking for a Hi-Vision Muse JVC MD2 GOLD MINT. Anyone wants to sell any one in MINT condition? I'm looking for the Back to the Future Trilogy in MINT condition, E.T in MINT condition and also Close Encounters of Third Kind in MINT...
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    Hi Vision MUSE Laserdiscs - Worth Much?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hi All Wonder if I could ask the advice of the gurus :o) I have picked up a copy of CLIFFHANGER PILH-1007 (Muse Hi Vision version) as part of a bulk purchase recently, and I dont have a Hi Vision player (I wish!!) so will probably be...
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    Hi-Definition laserdiscs

    Archived from groups: (More info?) On the topic of vertical lines: Muse/Hi-Vision is also known as a 1035i Format. This can easily be verified as with Muse-Discs played back the display used will switch to the input that is normally used for 1080i sources, but at the same...
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    FS: Pioneer HLD-X0 MUSE Hi-Vision player, Sony MSC-4000 de..

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Title says it all, HLD-X0 and Sony MSC-4000 MUSE decoder. Will throw in a couple of MUSE discs (NEC Fish Aquarium) as well. Includes player, decoder, remotes for both, and some high quality cables as well. Also have a decent list of MUSE...