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  1. J

    I deleted partions D: & E: then extended my C: partition. Not disk wont boot.

    It's a 480GB SSD by Mushkin (yeah, I know, POS) I used the Disk Management utility. I extended to the right? C: drive was to the right. BIOS recognizes the drive. Disk Management picks up the drive when plugged in to and external connection after 5 minutes of being plugged in. Says Not...
  2. burstfyre20

    Debating on selling my laptop, just wondering what would be a reasonable price

    I may not sell it until I'm through with college, I understand that the longer I wait, the more it's value goes down but it'd be nice to have a figure in mind when the time comes. Asus R500A-RS52 [K55A] Intel i5-3230M Intel HD 4000 Mobile 1TB Seagate Constellation 7200 RPM [Upgraded from a...