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    Question What's the strongest half-height MXM card

    As the title said,I'm now using a overclocked Quadro M2200 in my dell precision m4800.But I'm looking for a MXM card better than this,is there any choices except for the 1050ti?
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    Question Will GTX 1060 MXM card work in my Zbook 17 G3?

    Helo, I have Zbook g3 for some time, I love that laptop, but my Quadro m3000m is to weak for my work right now? Is iT possible to replace this GPU with GTX 1060? I found this one on ebay, is this legit...
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    Info Dell Precision 7510 with GTX965M working (Successful MXM GPU Upgraded Laptops)

    For those interested I've managed to successfully install an Nvidia GTX965M 4GB MXM-A (half-size) card on my Dell Precision 7510, along with the excellent Dell 43N80 3840 x 2160 screen I've been waiting for an M2200 card but they're expensive - when a half size card GTX 965M card came up on...
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    Elitebook 8760w GPU change (Quadro 5010m to GTX 770m)

    Recently, I've bought an HP Elitebook 8760W as a desktop replacement notebook for video and image editing. I absolutely love this beast of a rig, especially since it has HP's amazing "Dream Color" display. However, the stock Quadro 5010M GPU seems to be on the weak end of things, struggling with...
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    List of MXM GPUs and Resellers

    There are not a lot of sources for these cards Type A card__________________________________________________________________________Type B card MXM is supposed to make repairs and upgrades easier...
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    Successful MXM GPU Upgraded Laptops

    Upgraded Laptops by forum users (work in progress) this is a list of successful upgraded laptops All these laptops have a MXM Gpu but Not all MXM cards are the same. Type A card ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Type B card MXM...
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    Searching for a monster laptop

    I want to buy a laptop as powerful as possible, at 15-18 inches, and as upgradeable as possible too. I have seen some models that support desktop CPUs (most from Clevo/Eurocom) and some that support MXM SLI GPUs. But not a one that supports them both. Is there any laptop like this out there...
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    MXM to eGPU

    I own a gaming laptop but the mobile graphics card is quite outdated (geforce 630m) and i was wondering if an eGPU would be possible on the MXM port where the current graphics card is. i have 8gb ddr3 ram that is upgradable to 16gb and an i7-3610-QM (2.3ghz). and its about 4 years old. i have no...
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    Qosmio x500 and P500 video card compatibility OR Toshiba suppliers?

    My qosmio X500 (x505) has a now dead 250m and can't find a replacement (250m/360m). PQ1 chip blew. 460m's all went with models with biggger chargers. I can get cards from a satellite P500/p505 that look identical and the eBay seller lists X500 in the title but can find no confirmation of this...