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  1. M

    7 beep error after upgrading cpu - Dell N5110

    Hi, I installed i7-2630qm on N5110 and got 7 beep error (CPU/MB error) I found posts of people who already upgraded successfully their CPU I also tried removing CMOS battery Original CPU: i5-2430m BIOS: A11 latest (unlocked) now I'm posting with my i5 CPU
  2. V

    Laptop boots slow.i need fix asap please

    It says dell and it usually takes 5-10secs.now it takes over 50secs and it doesnt boot into the OS.
  3. M

    BIG Problem with Dell Inspiron n5110 Deep sleep LAN, Disappeared drives and more I need an expert PLEASE HELP

    I have Dell Inspiron n5110 I had a problem with my HDD and I had to replace it so I got a new HDD adn saw a youtube video and replaced the HDD but after I Installed the windows I couldn't find the LAN Drive and when tried to install it it said deep sleep or something like that and I thought it's...
  4. Q

    Harddrive Won't Connect

    Basically, my Inspiron N5110 Dell laptop harddrive disconnected when my laptop blue screened and shutdown. This happened over a week ago, but I'm going to be seriously bored this summer without it. I checked BIOS and is says there is no HDD, and diagnostics also says that there is none. I'll...
  5. vittau

    Inspiron's lid got loose (broken?)

    Hi guys, Today this happened: It looks like you can push it back into place, but I'm applying quite a bit of pressure and it won't snap back. I'm afraid it will break (if it's not broken already). Any ideas? It's a Dell Inspiron 15R N5110, if it matters...