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    Will this game run on my laptop?

    Hey all! Yesterday the new Need For Speed game was announced for PC. And here comes my question: Is my laptop able to run this game on low or medium settings in 30FPS with some drops? My laptop: I3 4005U processor GT940M graphics card 8GB RAM DDR3L 1600MHz 1TB HDD So, every reply is welcome!
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    Is it possible to optimise games to get more fps?

    I use Aspire V5 notebook(got it a week ago). And I'm currently playing Rivals...
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    Hp stream 8

    I have a few questions about this tablet. 1. The micro SD says max at 32gb, but can it go higher like 128gb? People have said 64gb, but I can't find anyone who used 128gb. 2. Anyway a game like need for speed most wanted 2012, on lowest settings could play? I have played a few games from steam...
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    Is it possible to run nfs most wanted in sony xperia m2 aqua without any lag?

    can i run most wanted 2 in this phone without any lag.please answer.