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    my laptop screen will turn negative.

    my laptop screen is showing negative and/or weird colors but only if there's a large ammount of white on the screen, external displays work fine, Color appears to be mostly normal if there's a large amount of Dark Blue on the screen. Pressure on the lower left side seems to do this as well...
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    Laptop Screen turning white or negative

    Hello, my laptop screen is turning white or negative. When i move the screen, it is instantly getting normal, any idea how i can fix it without replacing the whole screen? This isn.t happening always it has some moments when everything works.
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    Laptop screen has become negative (from boot)

    My laptop screen has become negative from boot. Even in the bios menu and the "sony" logo. I have connected it to a external monitor and it works and is not negative. Which rules out a graphics card problem. I have replaced the screen but the problem still persists. I am not sure what else to...
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    Klipsch Promedia 2.1, I AM DISAPPOINT - feel free to share your view too.

    BEFORE YOU GET MAD AT ME, this is just my opinion and my taste of music isn't really accepted among my peers. so,, yes. Who am I? just your average college student who doesn't like too much bass for music listening (for party yes it shakes dem boobs, but I'm not partying 24/7) I hate boomy bass...