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    Tick rate monitoring apps

    anybody know where i can find a reliable app to monitor tick rates/refresh rates of servers i connect to?
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    PC Veteran Desires for Tune-up / Virus Removal / Diagnostic software

    I'm reposting this because it was recommended to me that I would get more traffic in this forum for the idea. Hello all! I've been using this site for years, yet have never made an account due to the fact I've been selfish and only wanted questions answered rather than giving back. I've been...
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    Help Me Decide on Monitoring Service

    Hello all! New to the forum, but a longtime reader. I've been looking into beefing up the reliability of my sites, and am somewhat torn between a few options. Monitis seems to be the best bet for what I need, but Nessus and Trustwave are also considerations. For those who have gone this route...
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    Employee Monitoring Software: your advice, please.

    Here's what I'm asking: there're about 200 employees to monitor their computer usage activity while working hours. Obligatory features: - social networking (how much time employees spend in Facebook, Twitter other social networks) - time spent in every application I need your experience...
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    Free software for network monitoring

    Please help me to find something like the LANVisor software for free/opensource.
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    Network monitor software

    Good day I am looking for a simple network monitoring software. I have access to the netgear router. Now I want a software that runs only on one PC, but monitors all the networks internet traffic. I want to see who currently downloads.