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  1. F

    Scan to email file names explanation

    I received a file scanned to email "Scan-to-Me 2017-11-10 181739.pdf" = the network printer from where the file was sent 2017-11-10 = the date 10 November 2017 181739 = ? - Does this indicate the time this was sent, i,.e. 18h17:39 (seventeen minutes and thirty nine...
  2. alien_07

    Network Printer

    I have a network printer but my DOS program does not recognize. I need a tool that network printer will turn the lpt printer. Thank you
  3. J

    Appending to a "Print to File"

    My current setup is a dot matrix network printer that receives line by line print jobs all day. These print jobs can total more than a thousand a day. I am trying to find a way to have all print jobs print to a file and append to that file till it reaches a certain size or date. Does anyone...
  4. G

    Solved! How to connect network printer while i am using wan

    problem is that i am using wan and my printer is in different lan ip so how i can use the lan printer
  5. C

    How to find a printer url

    I am adding a network printer to my laptop and I am being asked for a url. How do I find that? Windows XP