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  1. casiofx

    Question Acer nitro an515-52 gpu issue

    hello guys, i have some problem here. my laptop cant detect gpu (NVIDIA Geforce 1050) after reinstalling windows. anyone have some advice or have same problem with me???
  2. TaranWolf

    Solved! Laptop keeps crashing right after start

    My acer nitro 5 (AN-517-51) got cleaned professionally 2 days ago (maybe hardware got screwed up). After that it crashed while I was starting a game. When I tried to turn it on again it did crash before windows even started. Resetting the embedded controller helped and I could use the laptop...
  3. E

    Solved! I have a Acer Nitro 5 AN545-54 and was wondering if there is anyway I can turn in into a touch screen and fold it for drawing apps? Thanks!

    I want to be able to fold in completely in half and be able to use a stylus and my fingers for drawing. This computer is still brand new and my dad isn't gonna get me another one till I go to college and that's in like 3 years. I don't know anything about this kind of stuff so it would be great...
  4. SRaj007

    Question HDD Heating.

    I recently bought an Acer Nitro 5 and I find the hdd temperatures unusual. When I'm watching any 1080p content on VLC the HDD temp is 39-40°C but during any other task or even idle it is 45-46°C. What should I do? *I don't have any ssd, just a 1TB HDD.
  5. P

    Solved! No internet on Nitro 5

    No internet connection on Nitro 5 (an515-42) when charge cable is plugged in. When i unplug it the connection recovers