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  1. Layton99

    Solved! Replaced laptop daughter/motherboard ribbon, now won't power on.

    Last week, I purchased a used Samsung notebook 9 Pro ( np940z5l-x03us ). It worked perfectly. I then shut it down and stored it dormant. Yesterday, I took it out, and opened the back panel to check if the SSD was NVME or Sata ( I was going to buy more storage over black Friday / Cyber...
  2. J

    Asus k55n not posting fans spinning hard rive spinning but no sign of display

    My Asus k55vm has no signs of this play I can't seem but the lights on the bottom of the laptop work but I can't seem to find any signs of life on the screen or an external monitor already check the room and I've already checked the motherboard but not sure if the fans who that it's a sign of...