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    My ASUS notebook PC x200m won't charge or turn on.

    A while ago the original charger that came with it started messing up, it would only charge my laptop if I held it a certain way and pretty soon it stopped working altogether and my laptop completely died. So I ordered another charger from ebay that's different than the one it came with but it...
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    ASUS NOTEBOOK PC Keyboard problem

    ASUS Notebook pc is playing up. Once I boot my Notebook, The log-in box is being filled with 9s. They stop when I delete it then I key in my log-in password. No problem is encountered unless I press either Tab, Alt, Shift, Ctrl, when I do the whole keyboard will cease from working except for...
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    How much will I get for my ASUS N55SF?

    Just wondering what I would likely be able to get for my laptop if I was to sell it It is an ASUS N55SF with a core i7 processor 640GB HDD 6GB RAM 2GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 555M graphics card Built in webcam Blu-Ray player Windows 7 Home Premium Bang and Olufsen ICEpower audio (includes a small...