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  1. kep55

    Solved! Mass Notification Software

    Our church currently uses Facebook, Instagram and our homepage to get notifications out to our parishioners. We know about REMIND, but it appears to be cell phones only. Is there anything that would do texts, email and phone calls? As I said, our CHURCH, which means we can't afford very much.
  2. C

    How to turn off "Virus & Threat Protection" annoying useless notifications

    Hi guys. So I built my first PC (a few months ago actually, back in August), installed Windows 10 Pro, no anti-virus protection installed on it or anything because expert technician says that it makes your computer unstable. I am just using the Windows 10 virus protection itself and that seems...
  3. theguyisback23

    is RSS FEED On non RSS sites possible?

    Is it possible to make a custom url that pops up or shows something like facebook notifications whenever something new or updated takes place? I litterally wanna know a site and if it does update due to a personal harassment and would like to know if an inactive Url updates in a matter of...
  4. viveknayyar007

    Manage App Notifications on an iPhone Running iOS 11

    App notifications keep you updated about any activity related to their corresponding. For instance, you can configure when and how the notifications about the new messages should appear on your iPhone screen, whether your iPhone should notify you about a new incoming mail, etc. The good news is...