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  1. B

    Novatech tower system stereo

    Old school novatech tower system going good then no bass and speakers are crackling.
  2. Y

    Laptop screen turns off once it finishes booting

    Well, this is a Novatech Maghallaes, a laptop that goverment gave me. And my problem is that when I turn on my laptop, I choose the OS I want to use, and if I want to use Linux screen works perfectly, but when choosing Windows 7, the screen turns off, it doesn't goes just black, it freaking...
  3. G

    Does anyone have any experience of Novatech laptops?

    Hi All, As in the title, just wondering if anyone has ever bought/used a laptop from 'Novatech' in the UK. The specs look pretty good for what I'm looking to spend, so I'm more worried about build quality and reliability. Thanks
  4. Flynnstone

    Laptop not performing as well as specs suggest

    Hi, My name is Tom and I've been noticing my laptop is running a lot worse than its specs suggest. I have a Novatech nSpire Pro 2640m. Specs are : Intel i7 2640 Mobile Processor 8GB RAM 500GB SATA Hard Drive Intel HM65 Chipset NVIDIA GT540M Graphics Card Games often have FPS Lag every 2-3...
  5. V

    Are those laptops/notebooks good?

    the first is a nFinity N1410 Ultrabook™ and the second is a Novatech nFinity N1408 Are these good for their price? I know they are without os with this price but...
  6. plzwork

    Novatech W12 or ASUS 1215N HELP!

    Hello, I've been looking at notebooks. The Novatech W12 and ASUS 1215N for christmas. But I don't know which one to get because the 1215N has got :- Intel Atom D525 1.8GHz + ION2 2GB RAM 250GB HDD BT 3.0 Up to 7hrs battery life 12.1" Screen Windows 7 Home Premium The Novatech W12 has got :- AMD...