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    New Dell XPS 13 vs Sager Np7338

    Hi all, As the title suggest I am kind of in a dilemma as to which laptop to go for ? the new dell xps 13 or sager NP 7338 ? I would like to run archlinux on which ever one i decide to buy. Config info: Dell XPS 13 - (i5-5200, 1080p, Intel 5500, 8gb) , Sager NP 7338 - (i7-4710MQ, 1080p,nvidia...
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    Alienware 13 vs Sager NP7338: Best 13" for Elec Engineering Grad School (Matlab), some Photoshop

    Would like your opinion on laptop to get me through Electrical Engineering Grad school(lots of Matlab) and some Photoshop on the side ■Each is ~$1,500 Spec Comparison: Alienware 13:-Price: ~$1,500 -OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit -CPU: i5-4210U (Dual-Core, 3MB Cache, up to 2.7GHz w/ Turbo Boost)...