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    Sager NP6350 or Sager NP9150? Help Me Decide!

    Hey everyone. I've narrowed laptop choices down to two as listed in the title. My budget is about $1300-1400. If I NP6350, I'll have more $$$ for upgrades, but it would probably end up being the same price as the NP9150 without upgrades. It's also about 1lb lighter...
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    SAger 9150 Vs Alienware M17X R4

    Hello All, Long story short I bought the sager 9150 and had problems right out of the box. After troubleshooting figured out that its overheating and throttling the CPU so it doesn't melt. Going to fix it today by redoing the Thermal paste that I had to pay extra $$ for Sager to put on...