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    Unlocking Vodaphone Phone

    Right so let me get this clear: 1. I have a phone locked to Vodafone network 2. I want to unlock it so i can use my ID Mobile sim, when i put it in it asks for a code 3. I have entered it wrong 3 times and it now says "SIM network PIN blocked. Enter SIM network PUK" 4. I have contacted Vodafone...
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    Looking for computer for counter strike global offensive

    Hey toms hardware people, I have divorced parents and i am not out of the house yet...I keep my gaming pc at my dads house because his house has fast internet and that cool stuff, but since i have to go back and fourth i cant really bring my desktop due to the size. What kind of laptop/intel...
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    Should I ditch my HTPC?!

    Picked up the latest Intel NUC w/ i5 the other day. This little guy is pretty sweet. It is supposed to function as my HTPC. For the movies that this thing can play without problems it is amazing. However some movies I drop entirely too many frames on. This can be cleared up on about half of the...