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    How do i enable nvidia 3d vision on dell g5 5590 laptop

    I own a Dell G5 5590 Laptop, how do i get desktop control panel options in my laptop and how do i enable nvidia 3D vision and watch 3d movies with red-cyan glasses Specs 8th gen i7 8750h Memory - 24 GB dual channel GPU - NVIDIA RTX 2060 Display - 1080p 144hz Is it possible to install nvidia...
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    Question When I try to open Nvidia Control Panel on my Lenovo Yoga laptop it states that my display isn't attached to an Nvidia GPU

    Although Geforce Experience recognizes it completely fine, the Control Panel doesn't and won't even load up. It's obvious that my card is in working order, and it's still used every time I load up a game. Is this a problem with my GPU or the control panel itself, and how to I fix it? It's...
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    Solved! nvidia control panel missing

    Hi guys. I just got the new asus tuf mx505 GD or GE idk exactly its the 1060 model, i installed windows 10 pro , and when i install nvidia drivers i cant find nvidia control panel. I tried restart pc , update windows , update graphic card drivers , reinstall graphic card , disable / enable it...