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    Question Nvidia Surround with laptop display

    Hi! So I have 2 external displays that I want to use nvidia surround with my laptop display in the middle. Only problem is that in Nvidia Surround, the laptop display is always greyed out and I can't change the topology to 1x3. Anyone know a workaround or a fix? Laptop is an XMG PRO 15 / Clevo...
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    Nvidia surround on Alienware 14

    I've been working on this for a while, and I can't figure it out. Here's my situation: I have 3 monitors in total, two 1440x900s and one primary 1366x768. The two 1440s (Lenovo l197 wides) are identical. I connect them to the Alienware through one mini display port to DVI and one HDMI to DVI...