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  1. T

    How Can I Install my Origin games on a PC W/O internet.

    I have FIFA 17 from Origin installed on my other PC. But I want to have it in my new PC which is actually far from getting and internet connection and I won't be able to get an internet connection on it for a LONG time. But I wanna play my Origin games on it. So, 1. Can I Copy the registry...
  2. foolishcreature

    Steam not working?

    Yesterday I installed a game torrent for a steam game. I played the game for a few hours then went to go play a steam game. It said steam was offline, even though my connection was working. I use an Ethernet port if that helps. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling steam and it didn't seem to...
  3. gloege

    I am looking archive my online pages I read for direct note taking offline for multi platforming

    I am wanting to read everything religion and make notes upon or within the pages to share with my friends and family or for quick access like high lighting text for offline use on android and pc