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    How do I disable the onboard graphics card on an ASUS Q550LF?

    Hi! On the ASUS Q550LF, it comes with both the Intel HD Graphics card and the NVIDIA GeForce GT 745M card. I need to disable Intel HD Graphics so the system is forced to use the NVIDIA graphics card, but the BIOS doesn't seem to have an option to force graphics chips. Is there a way to go about...
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    Headphone Amp+DAC vs Onboard Op-Amp?

    I just got this Amp_Dac for my DT990 250ohm headphones: http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=120&cp_id=12008&cs_id=1200801&p_id=11567&seq=1&format=2 It is a remodeled Fiio E09K + it has a DAC in it, so it is quality made and is suppossedly 15-600ohm I also see "Output Power" on the specs of the...