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  1. J

    Surround receiver n

    I just bought this: Samsung HT-J555W Home Theater And my motherboard is this: H81M-P33 I've connected the receiver -> pc with 2x Phono -> 1 jack into my pc sound card. Problem is i only got stereo. In tests and in 5.1 movies. It's only front and left which are working. When i test all speakers...
  2. DarkoMedakovic

    Problem with getting 5.1 to work on my computer.

    A couple of days ago I got my Pioneer BCS 323 home theater. I connected it to my TV, for video I used HDMI and for audio I used Digital Audio Cable. And to connect everything to my computer I used a HDMI from TV to the computer: HDMI & Digital Audio from HT > TV > Computer using a HDMI. So the...