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  1. smartprado

    Question MI Box 4k doesn't splits audio via Optical cable using HDMI Audio Splitter Device.

    MI Box 4k doesn't splits audio via Optical cable using HDMI Audio Splitter Device. I have 2 other Chinese Android TV Mxq Pro and X96Q both does splits audio seamlessly. I Have an old projector and a Boat Soundbar. I have connected projector and Soundbar with the Audio Splitter device to the...
  2. L

    Question Samsung TV to Vizio Soundbar with optical audio

    I'm not having any luck connecting my Samsung UN46C6400 TV with my Vizio SB3821 soundbar with the optical audio cable. In the TV audio settings, I set "Speaker Select" to "External Speaker" and "Audio Format" to "PCM". On the soundbar I've tried auto-selecting the input and manually selecting...
  3. T

    Question TV decodes atmos but has 2.1 within the TV, through Optical to soundbar, will it send before down to 2.1?

    I have purchased the 55OLED754 , which will be delivered on 05 Jan 2020. There TV states it has Atmos support and will decode. I'm possibily looking to get a sound bar but the Atmos ones are very expensive. As the TV has already decoded Atmos and I optically link to a soundbar, does the sound...
  4. J

    Solved! Which is better? Converting from HDMI or optical to RCA. Does it matter?

    My TV has optical and HDMI audio out but no RCA and I don't really have the money now to upgrade my reciever. But what I can afford is either HDMI or optical to RCA converter equipment but I want to know which of two might be better before I buy it. Is their a difference? Are they bottlenecked...
  5. H

    Question How do i connect my logitech z623 speaker to my uhd tv?

    I have a 4k uhd tv which only has a optical audio out and my logitech z623 speaker has RCA and 3.5 mm jack. So i am not being able to connect it to my tv. Please help.