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  1. live_neutral_ground

    Solved! cloned SSD not recognized in bios in optical drive slot in caddy but once booted from old HDD recognized in device manager.

    I have cloned my brand new WD green SSD as I have successfully done before by connecting it with a caddy to the optical drive bay, it get's recognized, formatted and cloned. Then replacing the old HDD with this new SSD in the "main" SATA port with nothing else connected and it boots perfectly...
  2. Tentuition

    Macbook Pro Upgrade (SSD & RAM)

    Hi all, Thanks in advance for your help. This is my first mac and laptop upgrade so a little unsure on some things. I am planning on upgrading the follow macbook, 2.66GHz MacBook Pro (MC373LL/A) which you can google for all the specs. I am going to start by removing the optical drive and...