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  1. T

    How Can I Install my Origin games on a PC W/O internet.

    I have FIFA 17 from Origin installed on my other PC. But I want to have it in my new PC which is actually far from getting and internet connection and I won't be able to get an internet connection on it for a LONG time. But I wanna play my Origin games on it. So, 1. Can I Copy the registry...
  2. xboy1999

    Looking to buy a Custom Laptop--Help!

    I am looking to buy a custom built Laptop, but I can't seem to find the right company to go with any advice? I've already looked into ORIGIN, AlienWare, Puget, Xotic, MainGear, Falcon-NW(=Northwest), CyberPowerPC, and IronSide-PCs. Out of all of these, IronSide is the cheapest for what I want...
  3. CmdrJeffSinclair

    Transferring Games to Another HDD

    Hey everyone, I have an old laptop that I have to reinstall quite often. So far, I have about 41 games. Seeing how Steam is so easy to reinstall games after I wipe my drive, I still have so many games on DVD-ROM that take FOREVER to install. I was wondering if I could install those games and...