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  1. BreakerLol

    Question I made a horrible mistake. | Acer 5740 / Model NO. MS2286

    So, I wanted to fix the Laptop from my little Brother. He plays games on it and it randomly turned off. He stayed it was doing that like every few hours. I thought it overheated. And it was full of dust. After I cleaned it up, plugged only the board in, pressed the button and it turned on! So...
  2. H

    Solved! Opening asus n551jx Fan (how to open the fan it self to add lub)

    Hello. Recently my laptop's fan started to sound loud and after awhile it got slower ! So i decided to take it out and add lub so it will be good like before . But i got stuck on how to open the fan itself !? It doesn't have any screws ! Only plastic pins that hold the part together !! Check...