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  1. P

    Question Missing tabs on EVERY SINGLE Facebook page

    I'm at my wit's end here - I have stopped seeing many of the tabs on Facebook pages I visit. For example, the page of Disney Pixar only has sidebar links for main page, information, photos, videos and info+ads. Gone are links for events, posts, locations etc and this happens on every single page...
  2. D

    Pages Randomly Opening

    Random pages keep opening up on my android ZTE phone. When I check recent apps open they are not there at all! What should I do? If I have a virus, how would I go about deleting it?
  3. gloege

    I am looking archive my online pages I read for direct note taking offline for multi platforming

    I am wanting to read everything religion and make notes upon or within the pages to share with my friends and family or for quick access like high lighting text for offline use on android and pc