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  1. S

    Uninstall panda pop on android

    Cannot uninstall panda pop on my android phone
  2. J

    panda av updates

    why can't i see my panda av updating?
  3. R

    Panda Free Antivirus strange Popup message. Is this.. normal?

    Hey there. This may be either something insignificant, some bug or badly-written publicity, or something bad. But today earlier something really weird happened with my panda free antivirus 2016: As you can see, it says in Spanish "No Debería". It's very vague and...
  4. S

    Panda USB vaccine internet connection

    Why Panda USB vaccine needs internet connection? It hasn`t receive any updates in years...
  5. G

    Free-version Ad-Aware Antivirus (2016) vs. Panda-Free Antivirus (2016)

    I'm looking at the two mentioned AV programs for my gaming rig: 1- Best protection (overall) 2- Less overall performance impact on my system (if it even matters w/my rig specs) 3- Not interested in an AV program that slaps you in the face w/pop-ups for upgrading, adding features, etc 4- Please...
  6. C

    Cant' install avg free antivirus or panda free antivirus ...

    I tried at least 5-6 times to install the avg free and pro trial antivirus programs and the panda free antivirus software and keep getting the error message during the installation process 0xC0070643. I have run adwcleaner and house call and apparently there's something on my computer that...
  7. XistenZ

    Panda can't be uninstalled!

    I'm trying to install F-secure instead of Panda Global Protection 2016. During the installation it complains about Panda being installed and it can't continue. I've of course uninstalled it through add/remove programs. I found several folders all over the computer with "Panda Software" and the...
  8. nick_53

    Bitdefender or Panda

    Some elderly people need an easy to use AV that won't cause slowdown. Bitdefender Free, Panda Free, 360 Total Security Essentials. I personally use BD Free, but I told them I would come to the experts. Couldn't find any so you'll have to do. (Joke) ;)
  9. Aargh

    Svchost virus keeps coming back

    I'm using Panda antivirus, and since a while it's been warning me that there's a virus on my computer. I keep getting this warning: The problem is that no matter what I do, every time I boot up my computer it gives me the same message. I remove it, and it just comes back again. Can anyone help...
  10. Jarchris

    Panda Free Antivirus 2015

    Hi all, I'm looking for a good free anti-virus. I caught my eye on Panda Free Antivirus, because I saw it was an editor's choice on the pcmag site. Is it really good? Does anyone here have experience with it? Jarchris
  11. R

    Panda Cloud Antivirus Free and Bitdefender Free Edition at the same time

    Is it ok having 2 free antivirus especially they both consumes low systems ram? I am having a problem with bitdefender free antivirus right now. It closes most of the time and I dont have any idea why. So my plan is if ever the bitdefender suddenly crash, the panda cloud antivirus will backup...
  12. spat55

    Best Free security I can get? Or paid if it makes that much difference

    I currently have panda. It is running out in 5 days time. It is okay but nothing that great. I have Malwarebytes free edition, really good too, I also have spybot search and destroy to. So when Panda runs out I will use those two programs along with windows firewall. Do you guys have any idea on...
  13. G

    Anonymous Retaliates for LulzSec Arrests, Hacks Panda

    Anonymous hackers have reacted to the arrests of five key members of the LulzSec group. Anonymous Retaliates for LulzSec Arrests, Hacks Panda : Read more
  14. exfileme

    Panda Security Finds Malware on New HTC Magic

    A Panda Security employee purchased a new HTC Magic smartphone only to discover malware residing on its SD card. Panda Security Finds Malware on New HTC Magic : Read more
  15. W

    Panda USB vaccine

    Hi, have anybody tried Panda USB vaccine from Panda Security? I had tried it, but I discovered that an "autorun.inf" file will be created after I had used it to vaccinate my "FAT 32" USB pen drive. I will like to know if it is safe for the "autorun.inf" file to remain in my usb pen drive...
  16. Fuster33

    Panda Antivirus Doesn't Want to Update!

    Well, automatically at least. Have to update my Panda Antivirus + Firewall 2008 manually! How to resolve?
  17. G

    DreamWorks' Kung Fu Computing Power

    DreamWorks' latest digitally-animated feature, Kung Fu Panda, stretches the limits of HP's servers and hardware. The film hits theaters today: Can you see the computing power? DreamWorks' Kung Fu Computing Power : Read more
  18. L

    uniblue=not for 64 bit=sad panda

    I had read a lot of good stuff about uniblue.. was going to buy it and then noticed it does nopt support 64 bit vista.. any advice for me? im looking for protection and performance gains ( online gamer, video editing )
  19. BruceMyers48

    Problem with Panda

    I am getting a message after booting up " APVXDWIN.exe Abnormal program termination. I click OK and every thing is fine. Can any one tell what this might mean or what to look for. Thanks. Bruce :( :(