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  1. Question Can someone confirm whether fixing this Samsung TV is achievable/economically viable?

    UE55NU8000T I am presuming not, but would appreciate if someone could confirm. Thanks in advance Videos
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    Solved! New laptop panel goes black with Nvidia drivers

    Long story short, I got a new panel to replace my laptop's current one. Same brand and everything. When I turn the computer On the screen starts normally, shows the MSI logo but as soon as it boots to windows the screen just goes black. Did a fresh drivers install with DDU on safe mode (the...
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    Laptop planel degeneration?

    Hi I'm currently expericing green and blue lines appearing on my laptop screen. I usually fix it by tapping hard on the back of my panel and they disappear but recently got a white fluff like color on my screen(a picture: ). It's quite annoying whenever i'm...
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    Lenovo x220t bizzare screen/panel failure questions

    Just yesterday after a reboot my screen on my x220t tablet (with windows 8 installed) stopped displaying anything. Right now I have it hooked to my HDTV through the display port. But here is where it gets weird: The laptop panel backlight still functions and I can use the blue function keys...