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  1. Cubetterio

    Question Surround sound better with high volume

    I have a confusion, I play fps games on low volume (comparing to my friends) I do that cause I think I would panic in a 1v3 situation cause of the high volume and I just wanted to know if the sarround sound is better and more recognisable if I play with the maximum audio possible enough so my...
  2. C

    Best 5.1 setup for PC gaming.

    Hello, I'm looking to add a 5.1 setup to my current PC gaming setup. I already have a Sound Blaster Z as my sound card. I'd like a nice 5.1 setup, and I'm unsure if I should get something like the Logitech Z906 (http://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/speaker-system-z906) or a home theater...