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  1. A

    LG TV optical PCM output distortion (clipping, fuzzy...) to soundbar

    Hi All, I'm experiencing a very strange issue with my HDTV (LG 42LB5610) and new soundbar (LG LAS350B). Okay, first the issue itself, and then the circumstances how it shows up: The issue: Audio output via optical cable from TV sounds... incorrect. I don't know how to describe it best --...
  2. BeeBahBoo

    Audio coming from PC. The best option.

    To put this as simply as I can, I'm trying to get the best audio I can from my PC. Is there a difference between HDMI audio to TV, then ARC out to receiver, and HDMI audio out to TV > optical to receiver? Or should I not do any of that and send audio from PC via optical directly to receiver?
  3. F

    Astro a40 no 7.1

    Hey guys, I just bought a pair of Astro A40s and I have been trying to get 7.1 to work. I have them plugged in to my Asus xonar DGX through optical connection and through the mixamp pro. However, I cannot change the sound output to more than 2 channels in the sound setting and therefore cannot...
  4. C

    PCM Vs Dobly Digital EX Vs DTS

    What's the major difference between them and which is the best one in terms of Audio quality ?