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    Simple cheap pctv, ps3, and record player setup

    HI All, I currently have a PCTV a record player, a cable box and I want to add a PS3 to the mix AND upgrade the PC as cheaply as posible. If you were starting with a blank canvas of the TV, the PS3, and a record player what would you buy for a PC (or chromebook, or mini PC) Basically I am...
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    I connect PC to TV with HDMI cable and I lose TV signal.

    I've had my PC connected to my HDTV for a few years with a VGA/audio cable. Works great. Switching from TV to PC, no problem. I decided to boost the video quality by using an inexpensive HDMI cable. The video from the PC was amazingly improved. But the TV signal drops out when the HDMI cable is...
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    ROCCAT Kave XTD 5.1 Digital

    i want asking are the ROCCAT Kave XTD 5.1 Digital subort sound like dts dolby digital dts hd lpcm true hd hd ma in movie please answer me thanks
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    Record A/V input HD?

    I'm looking for a way to record an A/V Composite input or HDMI using a TV card or something. Upon a quick glance I noticed I noticed there is a new concept going on about Android tv boxes. Could someone suggest me the best way to record A/V input on its highest quality possible? Thank you
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    Pinnacle PCTV Studio V 5.9 Build 222

    Need full setup for Pinnacle PCTV Studio V 5.9 Build 222 My setup CD is damaged. I search on web but i didnt get full setup. Pls provide me full setup.
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    video card or tv card?

    hi 2 all! i have an athlon 1700+ machine with 768 mb ddram, enogh harddrive space (7200 ata100), a pinnacle pctv pro tv card and a msi ti4200 vtd. i'm planing to digitilize my vhs movies. what card should i choose to capture from. both (pinnacle pctv pro and msi ti4200 vtd) are capable to...