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  1. Blaxck

    Question Metasploit refusing to work on windows , what can i do?;

    i have disabled antivirus and real time protection but it swtill prevents it from installing. I have tried several ways. Although i know this works quite well on linux buyt why is it not installing on windows is what i dont know.
  2. G

    HACKING-where to start????

    hello people,i am very much interested to know what hacking is and to learn it for i am a student i cant afford to learn any paid courses online or offline and i cant afford to loose the interest too.i have learned wifi hacking with kali linux(did not misuse it) and now i want to learn...
  3. M

    Voip hosted pbx penetration testing

    I've deployed snom ip phones across several of my business partners to allow comms internationally. Is there a way to pen test the phones? Maybe we've set the net sec wrong or somethings missing. I need our security to be fully reliable. I'll mention that we have a hosted pbx