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    Solution: How to stop virus.

    I was actually very worried when this virus started redirecting me to it's page so I started to look for guides to fix it, but, it just straight up closed the browser if you entered 90% of the guides sites. It turns out. the solution isn't as hectic one might think (at least, it wasn't for me)...
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    I have dell inspirotion14, 5000 series.I got white line below only after some minutes of start the laptop what co

    It appears after some time after turn on . if I restart then also it appear from first display on. But if I start laptop after 3-4 hour then it doesn't seems to appeare but it appear after some time.. Plz tell me solution waiting for your answer.
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    Laptop help, Graphic Design Student

    This question is really easy to label as TLDR and move on but bear with me guys. Hey guys! I'm looking for a laptop for school and I've been having a really hard time finding things that meet what I need. Lol. First major Hurdle is I hate Mac. From what I understand, the only real reason...