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  1. B

    HD ANTENNA RE-BROADCAST line of sight?

    Simply put, to my knowledge my condo is over the crest of the mountains (in Fountain Hills, AZ) from the South Phoenix Valley floor where the South Mountain TV antenna's have historically transmitted the TV signals. Would this issue have a large bearing on whether or not I could use HD...
  2. L

    How to fix a corrupt 32gb sdcard that goes to a phoenix 2 phone

    I can't move apps or picture to my 32gb SD card on my LG phoenix 2 phone
  3. C

    I tried what you said wit my hipstreet. Its still not rotating

    Last night when I was playing with my Hipstreet Phoenix tablet,it worked fine,. Now right now I can't rotate it no matter what I try. HELP!
  4. M

    phoenix securecore tiano setup

    When I open my lap the above texted bios is coming and can't able to run the lap
  5. T

    Trying to flash a dead Nokia 225

    My Nokia 225 was bricked suddenly, It wouldn't continue booting and just blinks when "Nokia" logo appears and turn itself off. I searched around a little bit and found that "phoenix service software" could help but I didn't find the right version in its product which was RM-1011 and It only has...
  6. W

    acer aspire 4755g freeze phoenix bios screen

    when i turned on my laptop it freezes to the phoenix screen. only found in the screen are the logo (acer) and 'press <f2> to enter setup'... but i tried to press f2 but it doesnt work. i tried pressing other f's but still it doesnt work. i already removed cmos battery for 1day, and try to...
  7. R

    acer v5-132p bios phoenix pasword? help

    help me i need bios pasword acer notebook v5-132p phoenix. thanks you
  8. Gueza

    What are PMPO and RMS ?

    I have ALTAVOCES Phoenix Neon Subwoofer and i'm wanted to know if it's good or not . specs : - Power : 575 Watts. PMPO 60w RMS. - Subwoofer + 2 tweeter 30W + 15W x 2 RMS. What are PMPO and RMS ? Is This Subwoofer Enough for extreme loud songs ?
  9. G

    Phoenix have a storage failure

    I have an Acer liquid gallant duo and recently put a micro sd card of 32gb but now when I download an app it says I have no space even though I still have 18gb of space left on my card. How could I download my apps straight into my card?
  10. B

    Unlock the bios

    Hi Dell studio 1555 with phoenix BIOS is disabled with an error code. warranty is finished. Can any body help me in resetting or getting password to enter into BIOS? thanks powler.
  11. O

    What's the latest HP ZE5560us PHOENIX BIOS Update to use non-OEM Battery

    My HP Notebook is currently running w/ Phoenix BIOS version KH.F.22 and doesn't support non-OEM laptop battery replacements. How do I fix this?
  12. S

    [Solved] Bios password on Sony Vaio

  13. kitteh_

    Phoenix.exe draining CPU

    Hey guys, So, I've had this process running that I found about three of weeks ago. It's called phoenix.exe and it's draining any spare CPU power. I've found it in the folder C:\programs\ Here's a screenshot: If I delete it and it seems to reappear every Sunday as...
  14. S

    How to update a phoenix technologys bios.?

    Okay ive tried everything ive gone to the website, the only download section they have is for a payment needed esupport blah ***. i need a bios update for my laptop but it seems impossible. My bios is Phoenix Trustedcore setup utilty, and my laptop is toshiba a200 model number : PSAF6A-08401N...
  15. S

    Phoenix Award Bios boot pci-e sata card

    hello. How do i enable the Phoenix Award Bios to be able to boot from the pci-e sata card??
  16. G

    Upgrading bios of phoenix technologies

    Hello, may u help me i felt so confused when appearen to me some trobles about bios expecialy : how to upgrade my bios (Phoenix technologies-Axioo-Neon) and how to disable temperatur warning in laptop above.. adminds solve my problem please tanks by : Rofii
  17. Marcus Yam

    iPad Helps Lawyer in Courtroom in Winning Trial

    Now all we need is Phoenix Wright ported to the iPad. iPad Helps Lawyer in Courtroom in Winning Trial : Read more
  18. exfileme

    Lock Your PC with Phone When You Walk Away

    For consumers looking for a good way to "lock" a PC or laptop when away, Phoenix Technologies offers a unique solution: Freeze. Lock Your PC with Phone When You Walk Away : Read more
  19. I

    Help accessing advanced bios menu on toshiba 1700-300?

    Hi, I need to get access to the advanced phoenix bios menu on the Toshiba 1700-300. By default on boot it just states press F2 but that just gives you a restricted bios menu. Any help much appreciated.
  20. JMcEntegart

    Phoenix Mars Lander Signs Off

    NASA has said that the Mars Lander, Phoenix, has sent its last signal and the Space Agency do not expect to hear from the probe again. Phoenix Mars Lander Signs Off : Read more
  21. P

    Is it worth buying a Laptop in the US?

    I am travelling from the UK to the West Coast and am thinking of buying a budget second laptop in California, Arizona or Nevada. LA, San Diego, Phoenix, Vegas and San Francisco. Stores show lower prices than the UK, but what do I look for. Warranties, import duty etc. Any ideas on where to...
  22. G

    Scientists: Martian Soil May Be Harsh To Life

    NASA's Phoenix spacecraft has detected the presence of a chemically reactive salt in the Martian soil, a finding that if confirmed could make it less friendly to potential life than once believed. Scientists: Martian Soil May Be Harsh To Life : Read more
  23. JMcEntegart

    Researchers Confirm Water On Mars

    Tucson (AZ) - NASA on Thursday said that its Phoenix Mars Lander has identified water, a requirement for life as we know it, in a soil sample. Researchers Confirm Water On Mars : Read more
  24. JMcEntegart

    Phoenix Spacecraft Touches Down On Mars

    It’s a good day for NASA as reports start to trickle through about the successful landing of the Phoenix spacecraft. Phoenix Spacecraft Touches Down On Mars : Read more
  25. E

    TIVO with Cox, alternative to Cox's limited dvr ? I like t..

    Archived from groups:,, (More info?) any experience using tivo on Cox cable?
  26. G

    Channel 45-1 in Phoenix

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Can anyone in the Phoenix area get channel 45-1? I can't, in SE Chandler, nor can my dealer at I-10 and Ray, which is almost in spitting distance of South Mountain. It is the only thing keeping me from dropping locals from my DirecTV...
  27. G

    WTB 10' or 12' Dish in Phoenix, Az

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I am looking to buy a 10' or 12' dish in great shape. I would like a Horizon to Horizon if not then a linear arm is just fine. I will travel to you to check the shape, focal length and disassemble it. I presently have a 7.5' lazer. It's a...
  28. G

    What's up with PBS (chan. 8) in Phoenix ??

    Archived from groups: (More info?) There's no signal on 8-1 or 8-2 for a few days now. And a rescan gets another (new?) PBS channel 6-1,... 6-5, but much weaker signal strength.
  29. G

    PRC update only on 1 of 2 phones

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.sprintpcs (More info?) I called Sprint (*2) and was told my phone needed an update, please hold on. It completed normally, so I called in from my wife's identical phone and, as has happened in the past, got no such message. I talked to a tech and was told it...
  30. G

    Phoenix Motorola? 56ISM internal modem

    I desperately need win2000/whistler drivers for this stupid modem i.e. Phoenix 56ISMR.. if anyone has used this modem with win2000 or whistler please help me out. thanks Aditya