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  1. Jennifer_Fennell

    Solved! Photo manipulation apps

    Which is the easiest photo manipulation apps for photo editing?
  2. trioxlight

    Razer Blade Stealth 13.3" VS Surface Laptop

    I'm heading off to college next year, and I am on the search for the best laptop that is able to breeze through photo & video editing. I recently bought the Surface laptop with 8GB of Ram and an Intel Core i7, and so far really enjoy its display and multi-tasking abilities. The laptop...
  3. N

    KrojamSoft PhotoViewer Pro

    Hi there, Has anyone tried KrojamSoft Photo viewer Pro to edit their photos, if so- would you recommend it?
  4. S

    Laptop for Photo editing

    Hello friends I intend to buy a Laptop for editing RAW files of average 14bit to16bit color depth. I have filled out the form as follows: 1. What is your budget? <=INR 35000/- 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 15.6" at least 3. What screen resolution do you...
  5. D

    Help looking for a desktop replacement laptop that will be good for the long term

    My current PC is over 10 years old, and gasping its last breaths. My husband has offered to buy me a replacement for my birthday (next week!) and tasked me with deciding what I want. I'm looking to spend under $1400 I've settled on a laptop, since I have a lot of projects I've been putting off...
  6. L

    Design Laptop Decision

    I'm trying to decide between a couple different laptops for doing graphic design work/photography editing. Lots of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign & Lightroom. Minimal video editing. Of the ones I'm considering some of the specs are the same for 17.3" screen, quad core, 16GB memory but other...
  7. T

    Sager Build... Help w/ Boot Drive, #1 HDD & #2 HDD decision?!?!

    I'm thinking about the Sager NP7378 (Clevo W370SS) - XoticPC is where I've been looking... Now this is my first laptop that I have ever gotten to choose some of the configuration and I'm over my head. HAHA I don't game at all and no games will be placed on this laptop but I will be working with...
  8. P

    Photo/Video Editing Question...HELP!

    Was wondering if i bought a copy of photoshop and lightroom 5 student/teacher edition.. They say you only get one licence per year or something. But do you need to pay each year??? Anyone able to explain what the deal is??? Thanks Heaps!
  9. P

    New Laptop for Video Editing: HP vs Lenovo?

    I am currently looking for a new laptop, I travel a lot so I would need something portable but that can still be a workstation. Now I've brought my searching down to 2 different laptops but they are both tailored to what I need them for which includes: Heavy RAW full high definition 1080p video...